Thursday, May 31, 2007

Newport, CA

We're going to Newport today to visit the site of our favorite TV show, Arrested Development. If we get some time, we might stop and say hello to Willie & Rachie's new baby, too. But only if Natalie stops freaking out about the clothes I'm trying to pack into our suitcase. She always complains that I pack like George on Seinfeld. She just doesn't understand that I have to bring a bunch of different outfits, because I never know what kind of mood I might be in on any given day.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Our poor sick Cash!

Cash has been feeling rotten for about a week with horrible goopy eyes and terrible dry cheeks. We like to use desitin for everything kind of like windex.

Monday, May 28, 2007

She did it, she graduated from highschool!

Hayley you are going into an exciting new world,good luck with everything you do.

Happy 3 Months, Cash!

Our little 5-lb baby is getting bigger and bigger by the day. He is now our little sumo wrestler chubalub, just like his older brothers were at the same age.

Fun Times at the Cabin

We love our cousins! We had lots of fun and laughs over Memorial Weekend. We are going to be sad when the Sampsons have to return to Idaho. We will miss you guys.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Curse of the Phoenix Suns

I have to confess that I might be the reason for the Phoenix Suns' recent woes. It all started a few weeks before Valentine's Day when I was joking around with Natalie that I wanted a pair of Adidas Phoenix Suns shoes, so I could wear them whenever the Suns played a game. I showed Natalie a picture of the shoes in a magazine I was reading, and I assumed that she would see how ugly the shoes are and know that I was kidding. Being the great wife that she is, however, Natalie didn't realize I was joking and immediately got online to order a pair to surprise me for Valentine's Day. I still can't believe she was willing to make such a significant sacrifice for me by getting me shoes that she couldn't possibly have wanted me to wear--even if it was only around the house.

A few days later, I got home from work and found that Natalie hadn't closed her Internet browser. As luck would have it, Natalie had left open an email containing the confirmation from Adidas. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw it. I kept laughing even after I saw that Natalie had paid more than $100 for the shoes. I then spent a few minutes debating whether I should tell Natalie that I had seen the confirmation page, or whether I should just pretend that I really wanted the shoes all along. In the end, I decided it would be better to tell Natalie that I was only joking about wanting the shoes and avoid the unfortunate experience of having to actually wear those ugly shoes.

When Natalie got home, I confessed that I was only kidding about the shoes. To make a long story short, Natalie cancelled the order, and the Suns' 17-game winning streak got snapped, Boris Diaw hurt is back, Steve Nash pulled his groin, and the Suns went into a major slump just before the All-Star Break that left them several games behind the Mavericks for the best record in the NBA. The bad luck continued in subtle ways throughout the rest of the regular season, but it seemed everything was okay after an easy first round win over the Lakers, coupled with the Mavericks' early demise against Golden State. Unfortunately, the Suns' good fortune in the 1st Round was quickly erased by the horrible turn of events in the Spurs' series, including Nash's bloody nose in Game 1, Robert Horry's cheap shot, the subsequent suspensions of Amare and Diaw, the Spurs' incredible outside shooting, Barbosa's disappearance, and now the Hawk's ability to get the #3 and #11 picks in the NBA lottery. I can't help thinking that all of this is my fault. If I had just pretended that I really liked those shoes, none of this would have ever happened. The Suns would be playing the Utah Jazz right now, and we would all be looking forward to the Suns having the #4 pick in the upcoming NBA Draft.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Machu Picchu

In one year, I'll finally get to fulfill my childhood dream to see Machu Picchu. I think this place inspired me to compile more than 50 Peruvian/Inca Empire research papers spanning my entire K-12 education. The best part will be going there with my Dad. He hasn't been back to Peru since he served an LDS mission there from 1968-1970.

Monday, May 14, 2007

The San Antonio Housewives

I wish I could describe the profound depths of my hatred for San Antonio, but I can't. It would take me too long and I'd probably get arrested.

After School Shaved Ice

"Shaved ice might be the greatest invention in the history of the world." Patrick Hall

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Noah and lincoln made my day very special, I am so proud to be your Mom

Happy Mothers Day!

I felt very blessed to be a mother. I had a wonderful day, my darling sisters made me a yummy dinner and a cute sign. My husband just made Sunday very smooth, That's all I ask for on Sundays, I am sure all you Mothers out there hope for the same thing every Sunday. We are lucky to have Mothers Day are we not?

Noah and Lincoln made me adorable broaches, You would all be so jealous I am sure. And Cash let me make it through all of church. Thank you so very much. I hope everyone had a super day.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Early Mother's Day Gift

So I get home from the gym and check my email, and to my wonderful surprise, Patrick has emailed me with a link to my very own blog! I guess he got tired of seeing me check out everyone else's blogs.

Well, I'll be back to post again as soon as I spend a few weeks trying to figure out how to do the Internets. :)

Cash might have come without a twin, but he smiles enough for two little boys. We are so blessed to have such a happy baby.

Story time with Daddy.

Come on Lincoln, let's just get out of here!

Can't we all just be bloggers?

A long time ago, shortly after the great Y2K scare, I was at a dinner with Patrick and a bunch of his friends. If you know me and Patrick, you probably know that we like to engage in public "arguments." On this particular occasion, I don' t really remember what we were arguing about, but Patrick (and everyone else that was there that night) will never let me forget that I ended the argument by saying: "And I don't want to do the Internet!" Hopefully, Patrick never finds this blog.