Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Let The GOOD Times Roll....

Once again my boys wanted to be dinosaurs for the 3rd year in a row. I guess I should not complain, they love it right? And it saves us money. Thanks Wendy so much for the cute bumble bee outfit for Cash, he actually did not cry wearing it, so that was a success. Mom and Rissa got in the spirit of Halloween. Next year Patrick and I are going to go all out with our costumes, Start planning Babe!. Lazy bums we were this year. Hope everyone had a spooky night. Time to get ready for Thanksgiving. I think The months are going a little to fast for me.

Happy Halloween.

The first kid that tries to take more than one piece of candy from our house is going to receive threats of physical violence.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Love Those Hair Shows!!!!

Joy with long Hair...... I was so impressed how AWESOME it looked! Joy with short hair...... We All love those hair extention's, in and out before you know it.

I have always wanted to get on stage and wear those fun microphone headsets. You know the hair model is dying right about now wondering want on earth her hair is going to look like when he puts her in front of the mirror. Lots and Lots of fun Pictures...
A little to (RED) for My Head, But on the other hand she can not contain her excitement. Almost done, a few more snaps and long hair.
Come on Joy you HAVE to LOVE IT!

Joy (Jarvis) Thayn and I had so much fun going to the Hair Show this year. It is always great to see what changes are taking place in the Hair World. Lots of is basically for the runway and some of it is great. There is always fun products, My favorite thing of the whole event was watching Joy get the extension's put into her hair. She looked SMOKIN HOT!!!!! So yes there was lots of crazy cuts and always those fun bright colors that I sure is heck will not be wearing on a daily basis. But I always love the event. Mom your such a sweetheart to have watched Cash so I was able to go, (Thanks a million Mom!)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Glad the Carter Family Is Ok!

We are so GRATEFUL that Patrick's aunt and uncle, Paul and Kathy Carter, and their family are ok. They had to come to AZ unfortunately because of the fires taking place in San Diego. It was a bittersweet visit and we had a wonderful time, we just wish they could have came willingly and not because they were evacuated. It is so horrible to listen to the natural destruction that was taking place there as they drove away. Paul and Kathy, thank you for the sweet gifts, and our prayers continue to be with you and your family and friends.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Blogging Can Be Profitable.....

My Sister Candice Madsen did a fun story this week on blogs and how profitable they can be to companies around the world. I felt famous for a total of five seconds while they showed The Hall Family Blog... It proves that Blogs are definitely boosting up sales. So all those fellow bloggers keep on blogging...

Check her out!!!!

This week I am posting some fun finds. These prints from Sarah Jane are fabulous. Go check her blog out. so affordable.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Payless Is Steppin It Up!

Calling all mom's, Payless lately online has been having really great boy shoes. I always love a bargain when I am buying shoes for my twins, considering the shoes look gross in about one weeks worth of wearing. Right now if you buy one pair you get half off the other. I guess that sale is almost always. Also free shipping when you send the shoes to your nearest location, and then you just go and pick them up there. Check out the website lots of different styles right now to choose from.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I'm Done With This Blog

The new color scheme; the Pat Benatar; the cupcakes; the baby pictures; the positive comments; the confessions about blog stalking. *Yawn*

I'm starting my own blog, and I'm going to make it invite-only, and I probably won't invite anyone to it.


P.S. RIP Elliott.

Could He be Better?????Please!!!!

Almost a smile, maybe. Our poor little Cash man has been sick for almost ten days. I think he just might be turning the corner. It has seemed like forever. Words can not describe how blessed I feel to have healthy children most of the time. I will be peeking, spying into other blogs and see the trials parents endure with truly sick kids, such as cancer or other extreme illnesses and it really makes me stop and evaluate my own life. We have had just the typical seasonal sickness that seems to hit our family really hard this time of year. This is something I know with time and PATIENCE with eventually run it's course. So I must say I am always Amazed to see how strong family's can be when they face true Challenges.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Belated Happy Birthday Lauren, Happy Birthday Bret!!!

My Cousin's little girl, Lauren Bunker is a complete doll! So mature past her years. (Clint and Megan) you have a raised such a Class Act! She is such a great example around my boys, This is a little tribute to the both of you Megan and Clint also, Come on without the parents there would be no Lauren or Bret. This child of theirs has the most incredible hair I have ever seen on a child that young. I always love cutting her hair. Lauren I hope you got spoiled on your special day. And all those boys watch out in the year 2016! because this little girl is a knockout! We tease Clint and Megan that dating is going to be such an adventure for them. Happy Birthday! And of COURSE lets not forget little Bret's Birthday! Everyone loves this man. I just always picture him running saying "THE BOYS ARE HERE" meaning my twins. He sure knows how to make you feel loved. And if you ever want a buddy to watch Star Wars with, he is your guy.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

3 a.m. Guilty Plessure

So lately around the Hall household every child is getting sick, poor little guys. Moms all know that when your children start getting sick your sleep pattern gets thrown completely out the window. Between Lincoln and Cash up all night I to was up. I hate myself for giving into my children's wants at the grocery store, those wants then become my guilty pleasures in the wee hours of the night. I know Hostess Cupcakes are such a cheap dessert, and to a lot of you out there you are gagging right about now. There are such fond memories as a young child though of being able to walk to the still standing Hostess store located right by our old house on University and Horn. Dr. Phil always says never buy junk food and you will never eat it. Common sense I guess. I will admit it that I did thoroughly enjoy those darn cupcakes up to every last bite. Why do I have to be so cursed with such a sweet tooth. I will eat a piece of cake before I would touch a meal. So the challenge is on, I am going to try one week without a single treat. Baby steps. My family who is reading this is laughing out loud because they know how difficult of a challenge this could be. Why not try it I thought, better yet confess it on my blog. It adds that much more pressure. So here goes nothing. I need lots of cheerleaders!

Monday, October 15, 2007

We Belong!!!!!!!!

I love it when I'm in the car all by myself and one of my all-time favorite songs, "We Belong" comes on the radio, especially when I am heading to the gym. I get all pumped up, I turn it up so loud, and just zone out like I'm on a mission to conquer the world. I'm a huge fan of Pat Benatar, and I'm so jealous of Megan Hess that she was able to go to her concert. So tell me guys, what is your all time zone out song that you just get lost in? Come on, admit it, we all jam out when we are alone in the car or you are just one to always rock out.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

No Highschool Reunion, But An Eventful Weekend With Family

So I did not make it to my High School Reunion , but I did have a quick night on the town that with my man Cash and My Sisters and Mom. We went to Oregano's and went early to avoid the Saturday night rush, I guess we are not big party animals when you are bringing two Little babies along. Cash was really good as usual, even though he is a little under the weather. Poor guy. And Myles was also wonderful. Rachel seems to think Myles is so active next to Cash and that Myles is just a little crazy, so she thinks, Cash is just his own little content man. I think Myles will be running before Cash decides to crawl. Who knows how I got such a kick back child. Earlier that day I had a great time getting my Adorable Aunt Julie ready for her 30 year High school reunion. My cousin Heather and Her parents Roger and Marjean were also in town for a short period of time along with Jane my little sister that was down from BYU, we always love visiting and laughing when we all get together with family, never a dull moment that's for sure. Sunday some of the cousins came over to my parents house and we all have babies close in age which is a blast, Liesal's little Berlin being the youngest of only six weeks old. My boys also got there dream bikes they had saved up for the past year so they were in high heaven. Well I hope everyone had a good time at there reunions and there October Break. I guess it's back to reality.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Office Is Back!

I wasn't too happy with the Season 4 premier, but the 2nd and 3rd weeks have been great.

Pumpkin & Chili Party!


Rachel was in town for a brief time so we always have to make the best of it. Schnepf Farms offered us some fun times for the whole family. You would've thought my boys were at Disneyland with how excited they were. They loved all of the rides, the pumpkin patch, and the huge corn maze. And there were hardly any lines, too. It was so great having Myles and Cash together, we can always get a good laugh watching them interact. If only that darn traffic out to Queen Creek would disappear. Mom and Dad were right about how long it would take to get out there, but it was worth it.

Note: For those of you wanting to go, Schnepf Farms is open every Thursday-Sunday in October.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The New Free Market

Radiohead is offering their new album to the public without requiring any payment. You can just go to their website and donate what you think is "fair." I wish everything in the world was that way. I wouldn't have paid anything to Cox this month for failing to pick up TBS HD in time for the MLB playoffs. I can't believe I'm living in Arizona and watching the Diamondbacks in standard definition.

EDIT: Looks like it helps to have friends in the media. Cox just added TBS HD in time for tonight's Game 1!