Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy April Fools Day! Horrible Joke My Mom and Rissa Played on the Family

I stole this from my Mom's blog, so enjoy her twisted mind. And I will have you all know they carried this joke (that my mom was pregnant) far too long. We were all freaking out, to say the least. In fact, our minds were flipping out. The whole family was on the phone for over an hour sweating bullets as to how this was going to effect us all. My poor brother Roman thought for a minute that he might have a chance to finally get a brother (sorry bud!) We kept thinking, "Mom will be 62 when the kid is 10 years old," and Dad would be 70. Wow! Love you Mom and Dad, but you would have been some old parents...

Anyway, my Mom's blog tells the story:

"Those who know me know sometimes I have a bit of a twisted sense of humor. Like yesterday when Dawna Borchert left her car running in my neighbors drive way I thought I'd tease her a bit and just pulled it up far enough that it looked like some one drove off in it. Then I casually strolled over to the the Gibbons(where she was dropping off something) and said"hey who was that in your car?". She ran out, the blood rushed from her face and she said "Oh my gosh someone has stolen my car" I'm telling you I repented really quick cause not only did I think she was going to stroke out right then and there, Suzi Gibbons wasn't far behind her. Well today Rissa and I schemed together for the most over done April Fools prank ever,the false pregnancy. She called her sisters and told them she found a positive pregnancy test in my bathroom. Oh my heck they bought it hook line and sinker. Natalie's response was "Cash and Myles will be Uncles!" Rissa was so good she should receive an academy award for this performance. Sorry Kids, Rissa made me do it! They have all vowed to get her back so be ware Rissa."

Everyone Should Read...

Details the connection with nutrition and heart disease, diabetes and cancer. I am really finding this book fascinating. Check it out if you have already not.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend Getaway

Natalie held this position for 20 minutes without pulling the trigger.

Move over, Officer Adams, Lisa Harris is taking your badge! (She never missed a shot)

Eric Harris doing his best to contaminate the entire Mogollon Rim with lead bullets.

The cave was the highlight for Lincoln, Noah, and Kim.

Noah, reluctantly posing for a photo that he knows will end up on the blog.

Lincoln checking to see if the deer was okay.

Patrick showing off his culinary talents with grilled cheese.

Cash, duck!

We had the opportunity to go up North this weekend to the Harris' cabin. It was such a great little trip. The Harris family was so kind to invite us. My kids were completely spoiled and entertained every minute from exploring caves, riding quads, finding wildlife, to being able to shoot a pellet gun. I think they pretty much did everything little boys (and big boys) dream about. Patrick was the most active he has been in a very long time thanks to his recovering back. I loved seeing him crawl through the tiny hole in the cave--huge accomplishment for him!

My friends give me a hard time of being a bit of a "stress mom." Sorry guys! I just can't seem to shake the habit. I was born to worry. I feel so lucky to be around friends that can mellow me out and make me be spontaneous a little bit.

More Cabin Fun Time..

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter 2008

Roman and Hayley were able to come down Easter weekend, which was a treat. Roman finished up his speed triathlon at Lake Havasui, along with the Bunker gang, Thomas Nelson, and Courtney Stabler. They all did great, considering the wind and running in dirt and those stinkin flat tires. So proud of you all!

A passion in our family during holidays is hanging out in the front yard playing any kind of activities, that is when nice weather is around. Lincoln would get amazed with how high Roman could kick the ball up, (Holy Moly!!) he kept saying, it was just too bad it kept landing in the neighbors' backyard a time or two. Lincoln really enjoyed practicing his head stand with Hayley, he was determined to be better than her. Latter that night on the drive home he then decided is new awaiting job when he got older, would be a professional head standing man. We were just glad he had high dreams for his profession. My kids absolutely love Easter, but just didn't really think the bunny came to our house, because there just wasn't enough jellie beans scattered around like last year, gosh! if only I would of known I would've dumped 2 bags all over their room...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hello! I'm Johnny Cash.

Thanks Greg and Bekah! I have such thoughtful family members that are always thinking of us, on every occasion. I know Cash will look back at this pose and appreciate it as much as we do. Such a serious pose for a young musician. Now that I am going to make this blog into a book someday, I want to start putting it all in, so enjoy, or click away.

Beautiful Park Weather, But Not For Long.

Mothers making memorable blogging material.

We think we're pretty tough

Noah taking time out from his friends to play with Cash.

Cash and his hottie, Tatum.

All the kids pondering the meaning of the beehive in the tree.

Tatum, you cutie! Such mother instincts, at such a young age.

Thanks for keeping Cash out of trouble!

Tatum going for the first of many fashion awards.

Plane Crashes...Bounce U.. and Dinosaur Museum. Spring Break Is Getting Entertaining!

Adorable faces!

We are so boy!!

Our last adventure of Spring Break with the Adams

I have never been to the Dinosaur museum off of Main street, I really enjoyed it. My boys had there last big hooray of spring Break there! The museum is very large, which is wonderful considering when we showed up and there was about six bus loads of children being dropped off at the same time. But surprisingly enough as we got inside everyone seemed to disappear.
  • I could tell that the activities all week were starting to catch up with Lincoln and Noah, they tried to fight being tired. But when Lincoln started getting stressed like an adult about the crowds, I knew I had accomplished what I set out to do, which was make there week filled with fun craziness, by never stopping. It was really exhausting trying to make there week fun and productive, and being a happy mom all at the same time, wow! I think it is OK sometimes, that they are not out a whole week more often. I am just glad I had planned out there week with there friends, or we could of had some battles during that week. I sure love them, and all that they try to be. I also got some good little helpers more often than I though I would. Poor Cash is going to have with drawls when it's time for them to head back to school on Monday. He absolutely adores those boys.
Good thing we were living it up at Bounce U while some men were trying to make a safe landing on Mckellips, right in front of our friends' (the Days') subdivision.

This was a perfect place to meet in the morning with kids. We all loved that it is not crowded, nursery snack time, pretty new and clean, always an added bonus. I love seeing everyone there, it was such a treat. My kids were in heaven, so that made it even better. So many photos I wanted to put on the blog of all the great mothers, but I promised I would not put them up without there written consent.

Spring Break Begins. Must Keep Busy, Keep Kiddos Happy, Happy Mom!

So we ended up staying in town for Spring Break. I am trying to make each day productive and enjoyable for the boys and keep them active until they pass out at the end of the day. Freestone Park on the weekend is not the best idea, but we made the best of it. The kids love feeding the ducks and riding the scary rides! Lincoln and Patrick escaped from the group and ended up flying a cute Mexican family's amazing kite, because their kite broke a wing in a violent accident.
Thanks Harris family for coming out to our neck of the woods. Hopefully one day your little girls can also experience the glory of getting married at Freestone Park. Lots of weddings to maneuver through.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday on Sunday Aliesha. And Grandma Carter Today.

I am going to come and hunt you down Aliesha so I can get pictures of you!!! We love you so much! I hope you both had a tremendous day.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We Love You Bagley Family, Now Move to AZ!

Ruby Bagley holding little cousin Berlin Decker, Ezra Bagley enjoying a fun necklace, and big boy Cash. And little Lucille fast asleep.
Jill and Jason, I am really going to miss your company, and I know so many others feel the same. Always enjoyable visiting with both of you, and seeing your precious, adorable kids so grown up. Little Lucille, what a baby doll. Now let's just focus on getting you to live in AZ. We do love that we see your life through a blog, but come on, that's just not enough.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Dad, Turn It Up!

Like father like son, Patrick hopes. Cash is barely 1 year old and Patrick is crossing his fingers he will be obsessed with sports and music. Good luck, babe.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pat Tillman's Run, Who's In? Kid's Run Also.

All Lisa's Idea, of course. (She keeps Me Active). Check the website out. Sound's really fun for the whole family. I know my boys love running races, and it's free for them, even better. So get your family, and start training.