Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Congrats on Graduating Greg!

Now you only have a 100 more years of school until you are a Doctor. if anyone could do that much more school, it would be you Greg. You have the kind of patience we all dream of. Love you both!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rach, Love it! Sorry I Was Retarded...


And After

My fun serious face photo below.

For the first time in my life, (yes, life!) I found myself under the foils. I no longer have virgin hair! I have done hair for almost 11 years and kept the same color. I am sure you might not even notice a change of color, (that is a good thing and was what we were aiming for). Forever and ever I have wanted to strip my hairand give it texture. I think few people would appreciate the feel of textured hair, but having textured hair for me has always been a challenge because I've never colored my hair. I would go through bottles of aerosol hairspray just to get an ounce of the texture that all of you colored-hair people take for granted. So my wonderfully kind sister, Rachel, took on the challenge. She started out with highlighting my whole head, and then filled it back in with a deeper color. When Rach was all done, (nearly 3 hard hours later), I went into the bathroom and experienced for the first time what all of my clients or anyone for that matter goes through when they see a dramatic change (yet another reason why I needed to experience a change--more empathy for clients). So I kept touching my hair and telling Rachel she did a great job over and over, feeling my heart sink each time I glanced in the mirror. I must add also, that I was the one that mixed all the color that was applied to my darn head, and I mixed a few levels to dark. So, blah, blah, blah (this is not an inspirational post by any means, but a great journal entry for me personally to look back on), after 20 washes with Ivory soap, I really do love it! The texture is divine! You did wonders, Rach! I really learned something from this fun ordeal. More than worrying about my stupid hair, but learning to venture out, (jeez Nan, get a life!) and to not be so afraid of change. Maybe I have more underlining issues I need to deal with? Well I know I do, but that is for a whole other post!

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Monday, April 28, 2008

More Fun Front Yard Action.

Rach the yellow helmet should always be worn!

Nate, Dad, Jack and Clay. Dad we all love the leather.

Sister pose 1

Family, friends and neighbors waiting for Mr. Prom date.

Classic sister pose before Risa's big dance.

It was our last big fun weekend in the front yard, before Roman Rach and Candice all went home,(bummer!) We had Dad and the boys big Harley ride adventure once again. Rissa being picked up for prom. And props to her date for being a huge trooper for having us all out there waiting. We love watching dance pick up scenes.

My Mom always goes crazy cooking, cleaning and making sure everyone has a wonderful time, while everyone is home all together. It makes me exhausted on how much you do when company comes to town. Being a mother never slows down I realized, whether your a young mom or older. I am always excited for our next gathering, but for sure we wont be gathering in the front yard with 105 degrees weather approaching here soon.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Yummy! Just Lick it Up

I had to document this before I forgot how funny I thought it was. It was pure delight to find Cash in the cupboard making a huge mess trying to lick up his evidence as fast as his tongue would allow it, even if it is potato flakes. Cash you are going to love looking back at all these photos as much as we do when you become older.

Friday, April 25, 2008

More Cousin Memories

Not too happy

Pretty happy

Quite Content in there matching H&M shirts from Auntie Rach

We love taking advantage of cousin time. Rachel will be heading back to California soon and I am starting to get really bugged. We do so much while there visiting. They spent the night with us one night, we made yummy cookies, visited, watched movies, danced, visited, and let the little boys be in the back of the Tahoe so they could watch the big kids play in the hood. They were caged in like little lions, they loved that.

I never thought I would have kids that didn't have a million cousins, like I did growing up. When I was younger I thought that was just the way it was for everyone. Cousins for me were my entire life, literally! Watching Noah and Lincoln have such a ball with Myles and Cash, makes me kind of sad they don't have cousin's there age, good thing we did the twin thing. You can never take family moment's for granted, we are very blessed.

Ethington and Madsen Lunch Clan

Happy Birthday Jenny!!!!!!!!!

It was pure laughter and fun having lunch with the Ethington clan. Both of our families have girls pretty much the same age, it is great to each have a buddy. I love that girl Jenny! She probably has about the sweetest spirit out there. And one thing I reaaly appreciate is friends that when you see them, it feels like you have never been apart, you just instantly pick up from where you last started.

Jane, you were a sweetheart to watch Myles the entire time so that Rachel could have good quality conversations. When I became a mother, I then fully understood how valuable time was, and how exciting it is when ever I get to visit with the luxury of silence , It is pure gold! So what a treat it was for me to have no children for lunch today. Love you kiddos! And thanks Patrick.

Dinner and the Theater

Earlier this week, we got to see Oscar-winners Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova at the Orpheum in Phoenix. It was great to get together with Andrew and Reachel and Becky and Richard.

We started off the night at Cibo, a delicious pizza restaurant in downtown Phoenix. Andrew and Reachel are always the master minds at finding exquisite dinning. We followed the grand pizza with yummy crêpes and headed off to the Orpheum Theater, which was literally right around the corner (again, great dinner planning Andrew!)

The Orpheum is so cozy and charming. I think the quaintness really draws you into whatever is happening on stage. The show was wonderful from start to finish. It was great to listen to Joey Burns and John Convertino (Calexico) as the opening act, and Hansard and Irglova were magnificent.

The best part is that I got to dress up and sit in a comfortable chair the whole concert! It was so much more enjoyable than some of the seedy places Patrick usually takes me to. Not that all of the other concerts over the years of our marriage haven't been fun, but Patrick, really who can stand for 3 hours straight without falling over? Anyway, thanks everyone for a fabulous night out on the town!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pat's Run and Family Fun.

We finished the Pat Tillman run and it was great! We were so happy to have our workout out of the way at 8 a.m.

I loved seeing how many people were there to support. Next year everyone needs to do it.

Our new friend from the race, Ynes Montoya. She was so sweet!

Rach kicked my buns with her ubelievable legs at the run! She is going to rock at her half marathon in Santa Barbra.

Hayley Jane is home from BYU enjoying Mom's incredible homemade chocolate cheesecake,
with Link by her side.

Cash and Myles at it again with the classic red car.

Front yard party with the hose is the best summer entertainment at Grandma and Grandpa Madsen's house.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bank Robbers and School Lockdowns!

The "Getaway" Car

No time for donuts on the rooftops.

Katie and Jack Davis letting Dawn Howey and others hang out at their house to watch the events unfold.

One kid at a time.
The never-ending line to pick up the kids.

On Wednesday afternoon, I was heading home after finishing Courtney Stabler's hair, when I saw a phone call from Lincoln and Noah's school (Wilson Elementary) flash on my cell phone's caller ID. It was Field Day at Wilson, so I figured that one of the boys had been hurt. But when I answered my phone, I received an emergency recording letting me know that the school was in the middle of a "lockdown." The message really didn't say anything other than the fact that all of the students had been accounted for.

When I reached my neighborhood (where Wilson is located), I saw emergency vehicles in every direction, and a handful of helicopters circling above. I called a neighbor, Dawn Howey, and she informed me that there was a man on the loose who had robbed two banks and crashed a stolen vehicle into the entrance to our neighborhood following a high-speed chase with police. The suspect then fled on foot and broke into an empty home close to Wilson where he stayed for a three-hour standoff that included several snipers positioned on rooftops.

A couple hours into the standoff, Wilson began to release children one-by-one to their parents with the help of police escorts. Many of the kids and some of the teachers were visibly shaken and crying. In fact, one of the students had apparently been locked out of the school on accident and had to bang on the school doors for someone to help let her back inside the school. Fortunately, Lincoln and Noah are generally unfazed by anything that doesn't involve carnivorous dinosaurs, so they weren't worried or scared. On the way home, Lincoln said, "It was kind of cool--we got to pee in a bucket, because no one was allowed to go to the bathrooms."

The standoff fortunately ended when police rushed into the home and caught the suspect, who had apparently removed all of his clothes while attempting suicide. We're still trying to figure out why someone would remove their clothes before trying to kill themselves, but we're just happy that no one was seriously hurt or injured. We're also greatful that Wilson responded so quickly to the incident by getting everyone (almost) inside the school.

Tune in next week for more neighborhood adventures!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Hayley Jane!



My little sister, Hayley Jane, just loves her birthday, so I thought I would get a head start on her birthday post. Hayley, hopefully Sunday is the greatest birthday celebration yet, you are turning 19, WOW! We are too excited for you to move home this summer and party. See you in a couple of days in your big U-haul truck!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cash and Toys, No Way!

My little gremlin is not as laid back as he used to be. He is starting to figure out that he can throw tantrums and yell at us just to get a reaction from us. He acts as if he's already entered the terrible 2's. I guess I have to start whipping this boy into shape at a early age. Even though Cash is still our sweetie, he has figured out how to get into everything.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Anyone Want to Be a Nanny? Twins and Triplets!

A good friend, Christina Brian, is looking for a nanny to help take care of her five beautiful children, including her recently born triplets! Her family lives in Mesa. If you, (or someone you know), is interested, please post a reply to this post and leave your email address. If you know my phone number, please feel free to call me and I'll help answer any questions you might have and help you get in contact with Christina. I've known Christina since childhood and would love to see her get the perfect nanny. Please don't apply if you hate little kids (Patrick thought that would be a good prerequisite).