Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cash and His First Yakima Ride.

Mom, I love that you put me in my midriff sweater. Too bad I am 15 months instead of 3 months old....

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rain and Cold Weather on the Last Day of School--What!!??

Do you remember a time in AZ when it was the last day of school and the weather was this WONDERFUL! Enjoy it people, because it will be gone in hours. Take it all in!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Don't Like Swimsuit Season.......

But I do enjoy my full covered Micheal Stars dress, and that will be my swimsuit in public for the season.

Are you this?
Or these? Or maybe your choice of swimwear is a little to riskae to share....

So what brand of swimsuit and style do you ALL love to put on. And most importantly I should say, feel confident in? Or maybe you prefer to stay clear from all water activity.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cash! Stop Messing with the CD's!

Good, no one can see me. I'll just grab one cd and hide.
Dad will never notice just one missing cd.
Oh, Hi Mom! I . . . found this cd on the floor.
I was just about to put it back.
Let's play it, Mom!
What!? I can't believe you think I would try to take it!
You never trust me!

Please, Mom! I'll do anything! Just give it to me so I can play it!

Relaxing Weekend.

Grumpy Sunday with photographers, Noah and Lincoln, loving every shot.

Hayley and Rissa enjoying our family Sunday night movie with the boys.

Hayley brought back birthday gifts for the twins from their Auntie Rach. Thank you SO much.
Noah loved the bucket that the gifts came in.

On Saturday, we went to Joe's Farm Grill for the first time.
Loved this restaurant and the atmosphere. A great family diner.
Unique decorations.

Harris family enjoying their meal.

Best place for kids to enjoy bugs that were attracted to a bluelight.

Patrick actually smiling in a photo, What?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Skip School, Go to Big Surf!

Tired from a BRIGHT sunny day at Big Surf. Let's go take a nap.....

I think I have the surfing moves down.

I hate this hat! Take it off grandma.

Private wave pool, how lucky are we?

My boys' eyes cannot handle the sun.

Clark Richter with daughter, Shannon Allen, and grandson, Crew.

Thanks for the pizza Clark!

The cool dudes.

Our good friend Clark Richter rents out Big Surf every year and lets us tag along. Water parks are beautiful when no one is there, I can really enjoy them. My boys have a blast and never want to go. Thanks again, Richters, for everything, we love ya!

What Fun Girls Are, Will I ever Know?

You never know what's in store, but most of us know that the Lord has a plan that's just right for us. Let's be honest, that would be a BIG bummer if I didn't get to have one in this lifetime. Good thing for adoption, because I sure do enjoy being around giggly girls.

Happy Birthday Babe....

Melanie, have a great day and take time to enjoy it. Put down those books and stop studying, you deserve it lovely lady.
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Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mothers Day and Birthday Wendy

Wendy, I wish we could've all been together to celebrate your birthday and the twins' birthdays. You are the most caring, gracious mother, mother in law and grandmother. I Hope your day was made extremely special. Considering you share your birthday on Mother's Day that means you deserve extra gifts. It is so special that the boys were delivered on your birthday. We all love and miss you...

Birthday's and Mother's Day Celebrations Almost Come To A Close...

The month of May is fully loaded for our family and friends with birthdays, so we love to party and make lots of memories with photos. It's only the middle of May and the celebrations still carry on.

I will be honest, this Mother's Day was one of the better ones. Patrick really out did himself. Now this boy never (and I mean never) cooks, and he stayed up all night going from store to store picking up last minute items for me and the boys to have a special Mother's Day and birthday. I was so impressed! I woke up to a delicious prepared breakfast of French toast and fresh fruit, just yummy! We then had fun sitting around exchanging gifts with one another. The boys made their gifts for me at school, this is always my favorite, because they get so excited to see my reaction when I open them: darling little flower pots of Mother's recipes. Patrick got me some fabulous jewelry I have been wanting, (not my usual Forever 21 or Banana Republic), and flowers that I just adored.

We then headed over to my parents where the festivities continued once again on the lawn. My Mom always out does herself with decorating her kitchen table with photos and memorabilia of whoever's birthday it is that month. We always look forward to seeing her creative side, for making up fabulous tables, such a talent Mom. The boys then played with Chloe and Katie Weed on the lawn for the rest of the night with a great gun set that they got from my mom and dad. We also said are goodbyes to Melanie and Clark Nelson, they are heading to Chicago to meet up with Rob, her husband, where they will be selling security systems for the summer. You guys will be greatly missed.

I couldn't close without giving an enormous thanks to all my family in Utah and AZ for always looking out for us and continuing to spoil me, Noah, Lincoln, Cash and Patrick. Candice, like I said, they loved the wheel and that darn cute rocket card. And the books Melanie got them were so clever. And to everyone else, thank you, thank you. Now stay tuned for more upcoming birthdays...

Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Mom, this is a tiny fraction of your life. I am so amazed at all you do, and continue to do for each one of your children. There is such comfort in knowing how much you love being a mother. We are extremely blessed to have a mother with complete passion for life. You have taught me each and every day how to become better. I wish more than anything you could have had your mother here cheering you on, like you do for all of us. Your example will live on through all of us. Love you.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Little Yoda Babies Are Turning Seven!

I thought I'd jump the gun on wishing my little gremlins, Noah and Lincoln, a happy birthday. Their actual birthday is May 11th, but I figured I would hurry and try to post something while I had a moment's time. My dad, bless his heart, took on the adventure of taking them to his ward's Father & Sons. They could hardly wait for this camping trip. They would live in the wilderness if they had it their way. Their passion for animals and the outdoors is profound, (so like their mother!). Having Lincoln and Noah born on Mother's Day has always been an added bonus to the whole package. I will never forget leaving the hospital 7 years ago so scared, with two little 4-pound birds buckled into the same car seat in a pile of blankets. I can't say I pulled it off gracefully, but they are still here and as strong as ever. I continue to count my blessings that they got sent to me and Patrick. I am so crazy about both of them, even if they're going through a pre-teenage "stage" right now.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Going Crazy...

So innocent.

I am not even close to the teenage years and I am already struggling with how NOT be a wretched mother. The past couple of months I feel like I am a nagging witch from the time my boys wake up until the time they fall asleep. I need some help on how to get through these stages gracefully. Does anybody else have battles every day? I think my kids have already decided to tune me out at the age of 7. I want to be a kind mom, but when your kids start rolling their eyes whenever your mouth opens, I think my parenting skills are dead. I am getting really worried. I'm hoping it's just a stage. All those perfect parents out there, help me!!!!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Dad, I love you, and I love how you make all of your daughters feel like daddy's little girl. You are wonderful Father and Grandfather. Thanks for letting me get you Barro's Pizza for your birthday lunch. It was fun hanging out with Mom, Jane, Patrick and you. Of course we wish everyone could all be together, maybe next year for the big 60th birthdayPosted by Picasa