Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Little Sister....

I don't know why I thought it was so funny today, but my dad kept calling and referring to Cash as " little sister", every time he saw him because I had put his hair up in a clip so it was out of his face. I know I should not get used to doing that, but I get practical if hair is in your face do something about it. Even if I am pretending Cash is my little girl for a quick moment, I should not make this a regular habbit...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Moving, And Missing Noah and Lincoln....

Moving that was neverending!
Falling! Good sport Rissa
Dinner with the Moving crew
Cash Making himself at home with the Cleaning Supply, not so good.
Where are my brothers and where is my house! Come home from Utah Noah and Lincoln, I am Dying!!!!
Getting used to a NEW home and NEW toys

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Goodbye Utah . . . Hello AZ (and MOVING!!!)

Livin' it up at the Red Iguana.

Re-connecting with Chari Pack.

Cash hating blogs as much as his Dad.

Cash contemplating the right time to unload an explosion in his pants on the flight back and follow it up by causing a huge black pen to leak all over me and Southwest Airlines.

The boys saying their sad goodbyes.

Grandma saying her sad goodbyes.

Patrick dreaming of being named the next Marlboro Man.

Lincoln being too emotional to open his eyes in this photo, he hates goodbyes.
(Actually, he is just really tired).

Today started off with no sleep for me and Patrick (what's new?), then my father-in-law telling us that the garage had just broken with the car stuck inside. We should have all gone back to sleep at this point and caught another flight because the rest of the day had a few minor challenges. After the glamour of the plane ride with Cash (always delightful), we landed and Patrick couldn't find the keys to our car, which had been baking in long-term parking. "No big deal, I will call my mom," I say. My mom arrives, and surprise! Patrick finds his keys. We all load up and drive over to the parking garage, drop Patrick off to get his car, and I just head back with my mom to her house. Meanwhile my phone rings and Patrick says the car battery is dead (fabulous!) Through all this, I forgot to mention Patrick has a migraine, so waiting in the parking garage in the middle of the day obviously works wonders for him. Finally he gets his car jumped and heads over to Acura to get a new battery, which they finally replace two hours later (after Patrick volunteers to do it himself if Acura doesn't pick up the pace).

We finally reach home, but then we had to immediately jump in the car and race back to the other side of Mesa to sign documents for the sale of our home, and on the way there we run into the entire Arizona SWAT team taking over Greenfield for some unknown reason (I guess it wasn't a good day for them either). The reason I document all of this is to remember that I did a great job on keeping my cool the whole day, and I am proud of that. So many worse things could have happened, so I am blessed we made it back safe and sound. Drama is what makes us all stay alive and kicking!

Arizona, why do you have to be so miserable in the summer? I am sitting here blogging when I really should be packing for our next adventure. Yes, it is official, we sold our house! (amazing I know). Where are we going? Good question. We had no hope that it would sell, so we never started looking seriously. What would we do without parents? We would be homeless that's for sure. So the Hall family will be residents of Forest Knowl at the Madsen home for awhile until we find my dream house, (well just any house will do). Leaving Utah was hard because not only did we leave family but we also left Lincoln and Noah for two weeks while we try to move everything by Saturday. That was emotional for me, and Cash is going to DIE without the twins around to wrestle him 24/7. I figured it would be horrible to bring them home from a wonderful place into the chaos of moving and CRAZY parents. I know my in-laws are one of a kind! They will make this move so much easier on us without a few less kids in the way. Any tips for moving will be much obliged. I think we will be doing the Pod thing, so hopefully that makes it a little smoother, considering my husband is NOT allowed to pick up any heavy objects because of his back, (and I will divorce him if he tries). I just LOVE moving! I wish I could blink and everything would go away. So anyone in my ward (or anywhere else) come over to our house and take anything you want, (really!) Free couches, lots of decorating objects, and so forth. We are getting pretty desperate.

Me and My Babes Off to Utah...

We had a spoiled, all around wonderful time in Utah. Cash didn't start off too well on the plane considering he wrestled me the entire flight, and I had the pleasure of changing his pants on the floor of the plane because it was the only spot open. I had to stay positive on the trip and not let this tiny event bug me. I was just happy to be flying instead of driving. Landing in Utah brings back so many memories, it was my home for so many years, it feels crazy not to be living there. You can never take away the feeling of Happy Valley, I love it! Not to say it is all perfect, there is something to be said about walking around their malls versus ours in Arizona. Just a little different crowd in Utah. Summer nights are always wanted, favorite restaurants, old friends, driving around the Valley, and of course being with family. We are taken care of so well while we visit, it is unbelievable! My kids are more than fortunate to be able to stay 2 extra weeks with Grandma and Grandpa after we head home to reality. I always hope they will miss us, and I think they will this time, but only because Cash will be with us and not them. I am hoping in the future we will be able to spend more of our summers here, and I know the rest of the family will agree. Patrick said Utah people just have to drive a little faster and he will be OK...

Monday, July 21, 2008

To Grandma and Grandpas House we go....

Enjoying homemade ice cream and the backyard.

Little Grandma Carter, she helped me raise my twin boys. A pure Saint!

Fly baby Cash, fly!

Cash never stopped ONCE while in Utah.

Terrible Mother I am letting my kids get sunburned in RANDOM spots. I do not apply sunscreen well!
Faster Sophie darling!
Melanie and Kiddos

Wild, Grandma Hall showing her grand kids how to really play.
Washing Grandpas truck

Red Iguana in Salt Lake

Jamie, Roman Candice and I eating Dinner. Red Iguana, Amazing authentic Mexican food.
I have fun going to KSL Studios,where my sister Candice works, and looking behind the scenes.
One night while staying in Utah I got to jet up for a night to pick up Fam flying in from Ventura, California and eat in Salt Lake at the Red Iguana. Then Candice and I had a RELAXING kid free night watching BBC all night. (Candice I am hooked!) We woke up Sunday morning and drove around all my favorite old historic streets, Harvard, Yale and Sugar house area. Gorgeous Character Salt lake has.

Liberty Land a Must!

Mom, get me away from this creature!

Cash didn't know what to think about this ride.......

I guess when your TWINS, you dress, stand and squint your eyes exactly the SAME!
A perfect overcast day in Utah to go try the new little amusement park, called Liberty land, right by Thanksgiving Point. We were so fortunate to have it practically to ourselves, Divine! I get great satisfaction with no crowds and good weather when attempting these places, I will give it a big two thumbs up. The kids had the times of there lives. We all walked out pleased, well of course my kids whined a little bit about leaving. What was I thinking of ending there fun......

Utah, Carraba's and Friends....

Never enough time to visit

I could laugh all day with this woman. I adore you Chari! And miss our kickboxing days.

We both have three boys, and we will get a girl Chari...

I ABSOLUTELY love my friend Chari Pack and her husband John. We were able to meet for lunch at Carraba's in Utah. It was a LONG overdue outing. My dear brother Roman was our server, which made the lunch even more delightful. I think every time I come to Utah my brother is working at a new restaurant, what a cutie he is!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

LOTS of Lost Memories

Alaskan cruise 2005
Alaskan cruise 2005

Noah being a very good sport for Rissa. 2005
Newport. 2007

Spilsbury Family. Dec 2007
December 2007
Ray cousin party. December 2007
Easter 2008

Sista, sista. 2008

December outing with the Latham family. 2007 Patrick trying his serious pose. 2008
Moving day, hopefully. 2008

Harris cabin. 2008

My all time favorite photo. 2005

Noah holding Mr. Myles Waite. 2007

Can you tell who's who?
Bounce U. 2008

Can you say Yota from the movie, Star Wars. 2002

Reunited after 3 weeks in Utah. 2008
Friends forever. 2008
Ruby Happy as we all should be
Lincoln wearing dads glasses. 2007

The neighborhood hoodlums. 2008...

Rissa watching Cash by the pool 2008 Lazy summer day. 2008
Mom and kids outing 2008
Easter 2008
Long shopping day for kid crafts. 2008