Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lots of Families and Fun at the Ridge Ward Christmas Party

Cash couldn't believe his eyes he saw Santa


Lincoln first real good Shampoo, and cleanup on his Hair since the accident before his fancy outing

Willman Family

Spilsbury Family

Nelson Talent
Reeder Family
Scurr Family

Gibbons Family

Donna and Lynette

Lots more Photos .....

Beck Family

Jackson Family

Collins and Beck darlings

Come on one picture! where at least you are smiling

Cash being so shy toward Santa

Everyone had a blast tonight with Santa. Great food, fabulous families and a beautiful singing. Thanks to all that worked there tail ends off to make it such a special night for all...


Greg and Chelsea Spilsbury said...

Let me first say how great is that you blog so I can have pictures for mine!

About VT, forget about those boxes I was talking about, I pulled them out and they are 7 times smaller than the picture advertises. You could only expect that from sneaky Martha Stewart I guess... I'll try to think of something cute to go with cookies.

We were delighted to see Lincoln smiling and happy last night!

The Harris Family Daily Chat said...

You guys look so great. Lincoln is a champ. I NEED to see you sometime this week. I miss your face.

twin2trip said...

Oh I love this post. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. There's some good people in those pictures.

Candice said...

Fun pictures. Love the one of Cash spotting Santa. I expect the same reaction when he sees me!

the waites said...

Stop all the outings this least till I get there. I love the picture of Linc and Noah, they look so cute with the new cuts. As for all the photos on the ward, I love. You really got everyone. I love your hair, the color is LUSH!

Aimee's Family Journal said...

That Gibbons family! I swear I must think that time stands still when I move out. I just never expect kids to have grown between visits. I am such a weirdo. Natalie you are so beautiful! You have to be so proud of your family.