Tuesday, January 13, 2009

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Here I Go, Should Be Fun....

1. I am very blessed,

2. I have such a special family and friends

3. I am a stress case, so I usually never shut down

4. I constantly am aware of my surroundings way to much

5. I am so grateful for my profession

6. Nothing greater than meeting a new person

7. A very deep thinker even if I am not very bright

8. I am dramatic

9. I am emotional

10. I still say, "Shut up, are you serious" far to often

11. I can never finish a sentence (so right Lisa)

12. History is fascinating

13. I love people and I truly want to know how you are

14. I love to run and laugh, and cry all at the same time sometimes

15. I value kind hearted caring people

16. I fear being called to teach Gospel Doctrine and heights and the ocean

17. My children are constantly teaching ME!

18. Why am I such a fearful person? My Mom says I don't have enough faith

19. I want BOTOX! OK, sorry just being honest

20. I have the worlds BEST cousins out there! I look up to them more than they realize

21. I enjoy road trips with no kids

22. I would love to shadow people at a million different profession's

23. I want to go to culinary school

24. I am severely OCD

25. I really have a condition of to much cleaning and ironing

26. I have absolutely NO tolerance for MEAN people

27. I have a fear of heights

28. WORST communicator out there

29. Ice, Mexican food, Sweets and some salt and vinegar chips are a MUST

30. I dream of being a professional ballerina

Gosh! already at 30 years old, UGH! please pause time...

All of you reading this are tagged...Come on I did it.

Rules: On your birthday, you share how ever old you are, and then share that many things about your wonderful self... A baby photo and aself portrait included.


Everton Family said...

Happy Birthday...Natalie! You are an absolute fabulous person! I hope you have a wonderful birthday, isn't being 30 awesome! ha, ha!

The Harris Family Daily Chat said...

Happy Birthday Babe! You are the most wonderful, kind, caring an beautiful friend. I love you with all my heart. You have a heart of gold and are the easiest person to hang out with. Lots of love my friend!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday, Natalie! Fun idea for a post.

Kim and Tyler said...

Nataile- I just found your blog through Jill Evertons! It was fun seeing your cute family, and you look stunning. Cant believe were 30! anyway , Happy birthday. I'll add you to my friends list! Need all the friends I can get!! love ya!

Brooke said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I hope it is wonderful!

Melanie Nelson said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 30, there is no way!!! You look younger than me!!! You are beautiful on the inside and out! HOpe you have a great birthday!

Hess Fam said...

Happy birthday you little beauty queen you!

The Bunkers said...

I can't believe you didn't mention that today is your birthday. I hope you have a fabulous day! Love, Meghan

summer said...

Happy Birthday Natalie!!! Welcome to the 3-0 club. It's not that bad and you my friend don't look a day over 24!!!

Ann said...

Happy Birthday Natalie!!

Wish I lived closer so we could catch up.

Have a great day!

Shauna said...

Happy birthday! Love the self portrait.

Greg and Chelsea Spilsbury said...

Happy birthday Girly!

twin2trip said...

Happy birthday sugar. I'm glad your were born. You have to be one of the most pleasant people (which is crazy knowing your sleeping cycles) and you are so fun to talk to.

Kim A said...

Hey, Happy Belated Birthday Natalie!! Have fun in Newport!! You're the best!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday to you! You really are one of the most kind people I have ever met. I hear you on the Botox! OH and will you come do my ironing?

The Fillmore Family said...

I loved catching up on your life and pictures--so fun. I also loved Patrick's pictures of the desert. Love, Aunt Joanne

The Stapley's said...


You sound like you are doing fantastic!! I haven't seen you in forever!!! I wanted to invite you send to my baby shower! It's this Sat 1-24-09 from 10:30 to noon and I would love to see you! call me if you are able to come and I'll give the directions! 480-452-3179 It's in Higley Groves.