Saturday, March 21, 2009

Andrews 30th Birthday

Bagley's always put on fabulous, creative parties... Reachel, Andrews wife wanted us to pay tribute to Andrew for his big 30Th, so I put up theses crazy, interesting, fabulous artwork that everyone participated in. They thought up these pictures in about 15 minutes. No, I didn't sketch any great canvas for Andrew, but Patrick serenaded Andrew with a couple entertaining songs. I love getting together with my cousins, they always make me laugh, and I need that. Humor is a true medicine..


Aryn said...

I think you had to be totally cute and stylish to be invited to that party....I'm sure my invite got lost in the mail:) So fun!!!

Happy 30th Andrew!!!

How is Noah doing?

Aryn said...

i love you mommy (love, ava)

the waites said...

Im glad we all scored on the 30 dollar skirt!

oh wait I take that back..I got a 10% student discount. I guess theres more perks being in school then I thought:)

the waites said...

I love that Berlin. She is all Smiles all the time.