Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Check out this great Spa online...
Mothers Day is just around the corner


Shauna said...

That place looks awesome.

So I just got my hair done by Lara Fitts who knew you from Suggestions...we made the connection because I was telling her how Karen went to a beauty school that was CARPETED and she remembered hearing about that place from you & your sister. Anyway, just thought it was crazy. She was here visiting her best friend since she was like 3 yrs old.

the waites said...

What a fun girls day!

It sounds like a cool concept, Donna wants to know how much a membership is??

I need some help- Myles gets out of his crib at 6AM and comes in our room and grabs my face-mum (mom)

Phipps Family said...

So jealous you got to go to the spa! I would need a day off from being a mom for that!

seven smiles said...

just heard about Noah.
You poor little mommy!
I hope everything's going okay. Your boys have been through the ringer this year.
You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Greg and Heidi said...

You need a bubble around those boys. If you find one can I duplicate it for Ethan? I am so sorry. I hope they have accomidations for you. It sounds like another frustrating scenario but at least it is not more serious. Hang in there and I hope he heels soon.