Friday, April 17, 2009

Cousin Gathering.....

Cousins, Greg and Emily with their new little girls, Goldie and Ruby
Big Noah little Clark
Deep thought
Emily,Ruby, Melanie,Baby Jake and Holly
little gremlins
Loving the goats. Boys are in Heaven
Rob the roasting master
Fin, little sweetheart!
Holly,Sasha and Baby Jake
Holly, Melanie, Nat and Jake
Hall Gang, minus Patrick and Cash
Spencer and Holly with Baby Jake

My Link
Nelson Clan
Clark loving the goat
Melanie,Holly and Baby Jake
Rob,Greg and Spencer
Widdison bunch, minus Kyle and little Luke asleep
This cookie is to die for!

Clark,Noah,Link and Isaac
Chelsea,Holly and Nat
Greg and Goldie

Holly and Spencer, Thanks for a Wonderful Cousin gathering. Your house is the perfect spot to hang out at!


the waites said...

How fun! I cant wait to be by some cousins. I cant get over the farm...I bet the boys had a ball singing ei-i-ei-i-oh!

Phipps Family said...

Looks like so much fun! You are such a great mom...and gorgeous.