Saturday, April 25, 2009

"Mt. View Prom 09"

Darling Cousins

Mom and her girls

My little Young Woman, Tacy Ferguson

Tacy and her Mom, Lanelle

Before shot with their big Curls

Mom, finishing up last minute touches

Dad and his girls


Cami Jackson, another Young Woman/Neighbor

My studly prom dates

Cash, and his Auntie

Go Prom of 09"

Me and little Sis

Rissa and Blake Decker


Tiffany said...

seriously...super models!! how lucky they are to have you as a big sister/friend/leader...I never did dress up as a youth and i think it would have been so fun to feel like a princess for a night! they will be forever greatful for you and your amazing work!!

Mandy Boyer said...

So pretty!!

The Harris Family Daily Chat said...

Oh to go to Prom again...I think the only part worth repeating is getting dressed up.
Geez lady, how many heads of hair did you do? Everyone looked wonderful. Great job.
Maybe, just maybe we can be friends again and see each other more than once a month:(

Jill Bagley said...

wow, its hard for me to believe that you still have a sister that is prom age.
i guess i have a brother--what am i talking about?

you guys are all so beautiful.
how are you little guys? did noah heal up ok from his accident?
you are super mom!!

Phipps Family said...

You have such beautiful people in your family! Thanks for your comments the other day. You have gone through more hard times lately than I have but it is nice to have great friends to help out! Thanks

summer said...

How fun! I LOVE all the cute girls and their great hair! You did a wonderful job! Sadly... I miss going to dances and getting all dressed up! Those were the days...

seven smiles said...

(Nice job on the dress, Sidney!)
Everyone looks fab. They are lucky to have you around, Natalie.

Hess Fam said...

you are so lucky to have a sister who is still in the prom scene. it must be so fun getting her ready. she looks beautiful as usual!

April-Benjamin said...

Yes, your house would be the hot spot the night before prom! How fun. I LOVED the wacky hair Friday pics. & was sad to see we missed the cousin gathering- we found out about a couple days late- my parents were also in town for 2 days only that night- but a repeat would be fun. I need to come see you soon- my hair is driving me nuts!!!

Mandy Boyer said...

Natalie, please look at my blog... I am desperate for some hair advice! Thanks :)

Courtney said...

Ugh...I hate all of you beautiful Madsen girls!;) Beautiful. All of you.
Nat, you are so talented! You have the coolest job, too fun!