Friday, May 29, 2009

Can't Leave Mothers Day Behind

I'm absolutely loving the fact that my twins are such an enormous help with Cash. That completes my Mothers Day every day. Noah and Lincoln I heart you more than you will ever know

I got a tennis racket from Patrick. Do I play? No, but so excited to learn. Also, an adorable homemade ring from the boys.

Happy Mothers Day to a mother that makes EVERYTHING in the family work

Mom, even when your in a dress it's never stopped you from jumping into a project to help someone out. Thank you for being an example of the way a mother should be.

Monday, May 18, 2009

2nd Grade Fishy Play

Goodbye California You Treated Us Well

Boys First Time to Happy Land

WOW! We had an absolute blast! My prayers were answered. Cash did amazing. All admitt I was emotional when we walked through the Disney doors. I knew the boys had no idea what lied ahead. It was also fun to run into friends there, and our favorite little celebrity dancers. This trip was really just perfect!

Willies USC Dental Graduation

Willie, you make us proud!

Congrats Party for William

Noah and Lincoln were in heaven being the Dog whisper, while Cash took in all of Myles toys. Yummy pizza and a Delicious cake. It was a nice night all in all. It make me feel good that Rach has great friends while she lives in New Port. Thanks Waite family for a lovely night.