Monday, May 18, 2009

2nd Grade Fishy Play


twin2trip said...

Loved all of the CA pictures. What a fun time and I'm so glad Cash behaved himself. I could see how you would get all emotional entering the magic kingdom. It really is a happy place and what I want to know is how they keep it so clean.

Ok and is this 2nd grade fishy play because your boys are so young and hanging out with cute girls already:-)

Melanie Nelson said...

Can't believe I missed the play! That last picture is so cute! The 4 of them are so lucky to have each other! I loved having so many cousins at school with me!!

Sumbum said...

How is Noah and Lincoln liking Musical Theater? If they hate it that is totally how my younger cousin feels. Just make sure that they know that it gets a whole lot better!