Friday, May 29, 2009

Can't Leave Mothers Day Behind

I'm absolutely loving the fact that my twins are such an enormous help with Cash. That completes my Mothers Day every day. Noah and Lincoln I heart you more than you will ever know

I got a tennis racket from Patrick. Do I play? No, but so excited to learn. Also, an adorable homemade ring from the boys.

Happy Mothers Day to a mother that makes EVERYTHING in the family work

Mom, even when your in a dress it's never stopped you from jumping into a project to help someone out. Thank you for being an example of the way a mother should be.


the waites said...

it has been way to long simce I have talked to you. Im excited to hear how tennis is going. What time do you play?? its so hot you gotta hit the court by 4:)

miss you!

I will call you later

MAMASITA said...

Your mom really IS a great person! Not to mention Drop Dead Gorgeous! No need to WONDER why all her daughters are ALSO Drop Dead Gorgeous! LOVE your B & W pic at the top of your blog! No, seriously, LOVE it! Glad to see you had a fun Mother's Day--you certainly deserve to have that plus EVERY DAY for the rest of your life be Mother's Day!!

Natalie Hall said...

thanks for the nice comment but the picture I'm guessing is pay back for the vintage Disney post.....

Natalie Hall said...

oops that was Sidney for some reason I'm signed in as natalie