Friday, May 1, 2009

My Little Scouts

Noah and Lincoln will be eight on the 11Th of May, such a milestone. Were all AMAZED, BLESSED and every other emotion you could feel that they have made it alive up until now, (little rascals...) They were so excited to find out that they could start scouts just a tad early. We got there scout shirts, badges, books, and a hundred bucks latter their an official scout, (expensive!). Now I just need a quick course on sewing.


seven smiles said...

Yes, it is amazing they made it this far! (What an awful lot you all have been through!)
They will love scouts.
Was Patrick a scout?
Because if so, I think it would be a good demonstration of what it means to be a good scout for him to sew on all their patches. ;)
Bruce has sewn on every single patch onto all 4 of our scouts.
(Good eagle, good daddy, good hubby, good man.)
challenge issued, Patrick :)

Happy upcoming birthday, boys!

Natalie Hall said...

What a wonderful cousin you are!!!! You offer wonderful advice, I love it!

the waites said...

Little Scouts they are! I cant believe what big boys they are now. Such great helpers with Cash. I still need to know the date for the Baptism.

I love how sweet and different they both are.They are the most popular boys too, becasue they are always so nice to everyone.

Brianna Avery said...

That's crazy how old they are! Just a little side note....I serve over scouts in primary and apparently they are going to be changing ALL scout uniform shirts next year so that everyone has to buy a new one. Just another way to get some money out of you! So hopefully they change their minds and you can save yourself 100 bucks!

Natalie Hall said...

Brianna, what the heck!!!! Well that's a pain.. Thanks for the heads up.

Btw, please give me an invite to your blog....
My email is

Sumbum said...

On their way to the eagle's nest. If you don't know that term, you will. Just plan on being a den mom soon. That is one of my favorite callings!

Phipps Family said...

So cute! I cannot wait for that day! I remember then when we were in the same 4 years ago? Crazy...You guys have such a stunning family, both beautiful, talented and loving!