Thursday, June 18, 2009

My mid-afternoon Cash session.

I was loving my Cash man at this moment. Better capture the moment, because it could turn at any second. Cash, when you get older and ever come across these post, I want you to know that our love/hate relationship has been the best blessing that happened to me. I always say,"The hardest things in life, are the things that make you grow, and if life's not hard you are not growing" I Love you little, adorable monster. And thanks for being in bed so that I was able to write some of my thoughts for this day. Patrick, if you reading this while your away, look how sweet he is trying to be.

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Tricia said...

He is an angel! And you are a truly loving and selfless Mommy. What sweet memories you are leaving for Cash - and Noah and Lincoln!

And I love the Jello signs. Made me laugh.

Natalie - I am supposed to be sleeping in preparation for my relay race tomorrow. I am so nervous and excited that I am avoiding the last bit of packing I have to do. AAAAWWW! Stay tuned for picturess - hopefully this month. ;)