Thursday, July 23, 2009

These Beautiful Expressions,

Well that's how I feel right now!
I'll get through these last weeks of summer happy, I just need to make sure I have my nice cup of ice from sonic with me at all times...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Think Happy Thoughts

Did I forget to mention I am so done with this tail end of summer!!! I'm being negative for the moment, but I'm all for year round school. Don't get me wrong, Its great when school gets out and we get to do family vacations, but who has the money to vacation for the whole darn summer, (OK maybe a lot of you do). Sorry to all those moms that love summer time and embrace it to the fullest. I am trying to learn by your great example and ideas on the blogs, but for now, just count me out of that category. Because I'm going crazy with these kiddos! And this beautiful heat adds right to it! ( Love you family)!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Arrived, the Archibald Clan

David and Whitney Archibald, (David is my 1st cousin. Our mom's are sisters) are here in Scottsdale while David is doing his surgical residency at the Mayo, (Darn! I didn't get David on Camera either). How wonderful they got to come to AZ while our weather is at it's all time best. Allison, David's little sister came to visit and is shy of being married a year,and a complete doll. Whitney and David are expecting their third child, (fantastic). Jonas is Whitney's oldest that is three and is the cutest, brightest big brother to Myles. Myles is 18 months, so calm and sweet. We had to keep are eyes on Cash at all times while he played with little Myles.(Oh Cash you keep every one on their toes)

I always enjoy seeing the Archibald's. I told them we all need to move away together and settle somewhere else (That's a whole other post). I didn't get my Aunt Marjean and Uncle Roger on camera. Next time you guys. Heather, we all wish you were here.

Friday, July 10, 2009

We went up North and....

Enjoyed Mr. Luke Benson


Danced like we were on SYTYCD

and Ate

got to read! Yes read

tried catching a mouse. Well not me, I stayed up on the bed, and stayed up all night, with all the boys sleeping in my bed.

were a little exhausted from not being able to catch that darn, quick mouse

Making or should I say Trying to get Cash Swimming

Trying to be patient with Cash

look closely, Im trying to flex, P90x gave me a little bicep. Gosh! It should after 90 days

Trying to get Cash in the water for the millionth time

Excepting the fact that I'm the WHITEST and FLATTEST lady out there. I guess I could take care of those two problems, but one problem cost a whole lot more $$$. Someday please..

Slowly and surely I will have this little monster swimming

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Meeting Shaley

Shalee, your one nice lady to meet all of us without Roman there. Thanks for enduring a nice kind hit from Cash and all the craziness that we had to offer you.

Yummy 4TH with the Madsen Clan

Candice, your back yard and house was such a fabulous place to be on the 4Th of July. You are a saint to put up with all of us, and that is not an easy task by all means.