Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Arrived, the Archibald Clan

David and Whitney Archibald, (David is my 1st cousin. Our mom's are sisters) are here in Scottsdale while David is doing his surgical residency at the Mayo, (Darn! I didn't get David on Camera either). How wonderful they got to come to AZ while our weather is at it's all time best. Allison, David's little sister came to visit and is shy of being married a year,and a complete doll. Whitney and David are expecting their third child, (fantastic). Jonas is Whitney's oldest that is three and is the cutest, brightest big brother to Myles. Myles is 18 months, so calm and sweet. We had to keep are eyes on Cash at all times while he played with little Myles.(Oh Cash you keep every one on their toes)

I always enjoy seeing the Archibald's. I told them we all need to move away together and settle somewhere else (That's a whole other post). I didn't get my Aunt Marjean and Uncle Roger on camera. Next time you guys. Heather, we all wish you were here.

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