Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Cut


Emily Widdison said...

it makes me sad to see those curls gone...but he looks so handsome!
Luke needs a haircut you want to fly up to my place and help me out? I am the only person that has cut his hair and he is the only person whose hair I have ever is pretty bad.

the waites said...

I love him! HE looks so OLD??!!? I just cut My Mys hair and he wouldnt sit still so its pretty much a bull cut. I want to shave it but I think Teri will yell at me.ugh. Actually Im shaving his and Willies hair at Lake Powell next week. Wanna do the 1/2 in November?? Its is AZ.

MAMACITA said...

What a cute little guy he is!! Good job, mom!!