Saturday, August 29, 2009

We all know how quickly family and friends can be taken out of our lives. This was a day I reflect back and feel so grateful for my family and friends. The heartache I see others suffer reminds me how I need to embrace everyone and everything around me that much more.

Last night my husband was visiting a friend who was recently involved in a horrible bike accident. It is a true miracle that he and the other bikers involved are alive. Our friend made a comment that when he crashed he felt a calm feeling that, if he was to die, he would be okay. I immediately asked myself: "would I feel that sense of peace being so close to death.?" Of course his wife replied back,"Great! Glad you felt okay to leave this life, but what about your wife and kids and newborn baby left fatherless!?"

I definetely need to work harder on being the best possible person I can be, whether it be a wife, mom, friend, teacher, neighboor, so that when that day comes, I too will have sense of peace and not fear or regret for everything I didn't do with my life.


The Hornes said...

“There is no doubt that the life one leads, and the thoughts one thinks are registered plainly in his face.” ~Spencer W. Kimball. You have a beautiful face Natalie!! You don't need to fear :)

The McGraths said...

I have learned many times that "if ye are prepared then ye shall not fear".

Sorry to hear of your friend. I do believe our friends are also friends with the same man. We were sad to hear of his accident even though we do not know him personally.

You have a beautiful family!

the waites said...

love courts quote! Oh Nan your such a possitive one, always so selfless:)

cant wait to see you!

Natalie Hall said...

Rach, it was Christys quote....