Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Craving to be older in all his Brothers items

And to bad as we get older, all we want to do is get younger.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Noah, Your One Heck Of A Kid

Your crazy hair day shows perfectly with how you must feel on most days with Cash

To endure this kid brother, that gives you

This abuse...

Nothing more than a brick to the eye. Remember Noah and Lincoln, the lord made you resilient. OH CASH...................

Always Gratitude..........

November 17Th, 2008 Phoenix Children's ICU Brain Trauma

You never know what the day may hold. Or for anyone around you

Always have the spirit close

Lincoln, your one blessed little man, and you know you have a very special life ahead. Stay strong! We all know you were blessed with a miracle that day. Thanksgiving will always be a little closer to our hearts. We love you bud.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Your Bobcat award. Glad to see you still have excitement for the little things in life.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Endure till the End

Rach, has the greatest blessing of being pregnant, but in order to get that sweet little spirit here she has to endure a MAJOR trial of being dreadfully sick. She was being fueled through a feeding IV, and an IV for her medication, so sad. It's hard to see your close ones go through so much and feel so vulnerable. She is in Mesa at the moment until after Thanksgiving, so hopefully this will pass quickly.

All you amazing family and friends in Utah that have been helping with everything, you have no idea what an enormous help you were to Willie and Rach, she gets teary eyed talking about you, (You all know who you are).

Hopefully while Myles is hanging out with Cash in AZ, Cash will tune down his screaming tones. That would be greatly appreciated little one.

Rach, hang in there, you will see sunlight again, you will....

Happy Cash led to a Happy Halloween

This Halloween was all about the Hustle and Bustle. But that's how it always goes for any Halloween, so I guess it wouldn't feel normal if it was any other way. And Heck! I only have three kids. (All you mothers are amazing!)

My point though, moving for any matter is quite the challenge, but a very wonderful challenge. So when Halloween showed up I wasn't exactly on my game plan with costumes. The good little troopers I have made things really simple. Lincoln pulled out his same mobster as last year. Cash and Noah got some quick pick me up costumes that were on sale. And off we went. I'll admit I was a little sad I didn't dress up this year, but there's always next year. Cash made Halloween so darn fun this year! He was all about the door to door action, and he was so mellow, and all night he tried to take it all in.

Utah, awhile ago

Cash, Best Buy and Loving Himself on Video

Considering we were at Best Buy for two hours, I would like to give a little shout out to the person that invented the video camera. Cash was obsessed with watching himself on TV, and I was obsessed with how wonderful it made those two hours.

Soccer party to top off their Season


Such a good experience for Patrick to be able to coach the boys soccer team this season. The boys did pretty awesome, and liked having there Dad in charge. And I was really proud of them for practicing hard out there in our AZ heat. Love you boys, and way to sacrifice time Patrick.