Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Cash led to a Happy Halloween

This Halloween was all about the Hustle and Bustle. But that's how it always goes for any Halloween, so I guess it wouldn't feel normal if it was any other way. And Heck! I only have three kids. (All you mothers are amazing!)

My point though, moving for any matter is quite the challenge, but a very wonderful challenge. So when Halloween showed up I wasn't exactly on my game plan with costumes. The good little troopers I have made things really simple. Lincoln pulled out his same mobster as last year. Cash and Noah got some quick pick me up costumes that were on sale. And off we went. I'll admit I was a little sad I didn't dress up this year, but there's always next year. Cash made Halloween so darn fun this year! He was all about the door to door action, and he was so mellow, and all night he tried to take it all in.

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