Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Big 3 Mr. Cash

Obsessions Loves and whatever this little man is into at the small tender age of 3

Trains, Trains and some more Trains
Tom and Jerry. This is a newly added obsession
Fire hot Cheetos, yuck! Thank Grandma Madsen for that
His big Brothers
Saying "OK"
Yelling "Noah!!" for everything
His Blankets
Quality time with Dad
Stroller rides running fast

We LOVE you Cash!


Lisa Harris said...

THREE?!?! geez, Nat. I should have remembered being that his birthday is always during Ragnar.

Happy Birthday to you Cash! You are such a beautiful boy with bright blue eyes and a silly personality. Us Harris girls sure do love you.

Mike and Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Cash! I will make him a birthday card. - from Kade!

Cash, we sure love you! You always bring a big smile to my face and I love to see what youv'e been up to.

the waites said...

Cashy cashy! We sure love you!

Wish we could be there to celebrate, eat lots of cake for Myles. Xoxo we are driving up to fritz and pattys right now with donna.(her brothers)6 Myles is watching cloudy with a chance of meat balls donna got him a new dvd player. Best present ever!

Melly Mel said...

Natalie! I love your blog! Thank you for visiting mine! Rachel is such an amazing person! I love her. Your blog is adorable. Mr. Cash and my Jack would be very very good friends with their adoration for trains! So fun! Thanks for your sweet compliments! I truly appreciate it!