Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Noah the Nerd... We LOVE Nerds

Welcome to the Glasses bunch Mr. Noah. May you now see your dreams brighter and clearer. He does look a little depressed but he is a little excited. Noah and Lincoln from here on out will be able to be told apart...

We just found out Noah is almost legally blind in his right eye. Now was it from the Quad accident? Or was the kid just born with it. Who knows, but he had has always come home from school in the past with a perfect 20/20 eye score. So maybe I should of taken him to a regular eye Dr. instead of just trusting the school eye exams. I personally think he had to have been born with this defect, and that it wasn't from his accident, but we really aren't quite positive.

So I'm here to tell you Mamas that maybe it's a wise idea to also check your kids eyes outside of the school district. Now I'm not saying they don't do a good job, but Noah's new eye exam result from Mr eye Dr. was 20/160! Yes, not so good..

Sorry Noah for not catching this problem for whenever it occurred.


Tricia said...

Aawww. Glasses. He looks great! Glad you caught that. Poor boy! Sheez, almost legally blind? Abby got her glasses when she was 3 and they have improved every year.

seven smiles said...

we had the same experience with Parker and school; always passed the eye tests. One day I asked him to look at something that was about 5 feet away and he couldn't see it AT ALL! When I took him for the exam, they put the GIANT E on the screen and he couldn't see it either! I felt like the worst mom, that he had made it to second grade without being able to really see. I remember thinking: "Does he even know what I look like?!" Anyway, Parker looked adorable in glasses (he's now graduated to contacts). Parker was so amazed at the things he could now see. Keep smilin', Noah-- you look great!

Amy Y said...

He looks very handsome... Kyla still won't let me take a picture of her's, I'm working on it though.