Sunday, March 21, 2010

9 short weeks and my sweet, everything little sister Marissa will be graduating and moving on to Utah. Let's be honest, this is really crappy. Of course I want her to experience life outside of the home, but it's going to be a big adjustment on the Hall family not having her around. Like I've said time and time again your a special one my darling.

And dang!!! Come on siblings, I better not be the only one that ends up in AZ!!! I'm not OK with that.


Lisa Harris said...

Seriously Nat- what will you do without Riss?
Such a beauty and a huge help to you. Rissa really is THE best.

the waites said...

oh rissa! if only you were moving here before we leave:(

Such a beautiful sister, inside and out.


as for you nat.... I highly doubt you will be the ONLY one in AZ.

Aimee's Family Journal said...

Rissa is the "hawt" aunt. the one that all this kids will always love because she looks amazing, and has energy bubbling out of her ears. Wait... all the Madsen girls are hawt. Anyway.

It makes me feel so old. I remember when I was her CTR teacher and she and Brooke Reeves would actually cry tears of despair if one of them spent more time sitting on my lap, than the other! Amazing, that she is grown.

Shay and Roman said...

No need to worry Nat, i am sure we will make our way back there one day!

Rissa Sue said...

Awh I love you sister!! You guys are all so sweet. I'm going to miss the halls so darn much!

The Fillmore Family said...

I loved your pictures!! My hair is growing too too fast. I have cut it twice now but I am still afraid to attack the bottom. Love, Aunt Joanne