Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Boys, Boys, Boys....

What comes with boys?

Scary reptiles, more scary reptiles, dirt, Lego's, trains, trains and MORE trains. It's wonderful having boys, because each and every day I become less of a lady.

I actually screamed like an obnoxious little girl at a reptile store the other day, while Lot's of little boys watched in amazement, like they were in some fabulous Planet Earth class, as a poor innocent mouse got fed to a gross, huge dinosaur looking creature. Noah said, "Mom you have to chill out, this his how the animal kingdom works".... Ya, ya, ya, I replied

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

BTW, I'm so lame, I didn't even dress my kids in green. What's up with that?? Did we even eat green food, no.. But I think we enjoyed one another for the most part.

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Mike and Shannon said...

I love Noah's matter of fact response! We are so excited to spend some time with the Hall family! It looks like your spring break as a fun mom was a success. Riley would argue that you are the fun Mom and I am the crazy mom... she's right!