Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rissa's Last Dance of Her Highschool Years

My Noah thought Rissa was getting married. He didn't quite understand the whole dressing up with a boy. I told him it's something he could look forward to in his more mature years. Of course he was thrilled. A hint of Sarcasm I might add.

Rissa with friends Kiley Brown and Brecken Lane

My Mom's Last child in High school. (Mom, it's going to be OK) And my last photo shoot, and Hair styling of siblings. I Did a few hairstyles over the years.

Cash was my hoodlum while I snapped photos


Hess Fam said...

SUCH pretty dresses. And beautiful girls. I'm sure you are sad that the dress up fun is over.

Mandy said...

Wow, all the girls look stunning-and I love Rissa's new look-even more in her dress; her eyes pop out! Lovin' the auburn look. You are one talented gal!

Becky said...

Tell Noah it may just be the prom, but she looks pretty enough for a wedding! Love how the new hair went so well with her dress, just beautiful!

Greg and Chelsea Spilsbury said...

Natalie my heart breaks for you. Just thinking about Wavey Pais and Lauren growing up someday gives me tears.

Talk about a perfect ending though, The whole ensemble is just beyond words Natalie. Oh that DRESS! I would have a hard time not wearing that thing all over the house. It's too beautiful to keep on a hanger!!

Lisa Harris said...

You and Riss look so much more alike with her hair dark. I seriously die at how old these high school girls look. So beautiful. Riss takes the cake!