Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some of my odd loves ok OBSESSIONS

Oh my goodness the best! You may find it odd or gross, but ever since my mom came back from my cousins wedding in California with this concoction, my mouth waters for it. This jelly can be found at Orange Patch. Not the healthiest little snack. But who cares..

ICE, that's all I have to say for anyone that knows me. Complete OBSESSION.

Great articles in both, always...

Completely dries out hair, and that's what I love. It gets you through the next day, free of wash..


aryn said...

mmmmmm that cracker concoction looks yummy.

the waites said...

what??? not something made of chocolate??

its nice to see you acutally eat food not just sweets:)

Mom was testing with the recipe in Nov. Glad to see she found the Orange Patch spread instead.

Jill Bagley said...

AHH< if only i could eat real cream cheese!!! mine is always lite.
but i totally agree!! jalepeno jelly is the best. especially with that little concoction you have going.
and you are definately from arizona and related to jason with that ice!!
but i have to tell you---have you ever tried the rockstar spray by bed head?? its a dry shampoo. and its amazing. especially for blondes with dark roots. your hair gets better and better with everyday you dont wash with that stuff. smells good---and just like a powdery substance. its awesome!!
i love you nat!!! miss you too. i was trying to be like you the other day so people would like me better :)