Thursday, May 27, 2010



That's OK.
I tried to be positive, to think Cash might sit through a movie that didn't involve trains.
He lasted a few sips of his drink, and a couple of hand fulls of popcorn, and he was good to go.
Arcade games was where's it was at for the next couple hours.
Glad I had my camera.
The funny thing was, I thought I can either get mad I'm missing the movie,(considering I see about two movies a year.) Or be humbled, and enjoy the darn moment alone with Cash. It was quite boring, let's get real, but he was in heaven, so it mad me happy. And who am I to think that my three year old would sit still for two hours.


Anne said...

We have this deal at our house...Clint takes all kids to the movies that can sit through it and i stay home with all the ones who can't. I got tired of 10 minutes into a movie having one of my kids come say mom, this is boring I want to go home. No family movies for us yet. I have spent many a movie time sitting in the hallway.

Keighley Fleming said...

This story is so funny, yet so sad. If it's any consolation I heard Iron Man wasn't that great... (probably doesnt help)

I hope you can go see a movie soon minus the kids.