Tuesday, July 27, 2010

VS Train

Mom, I'm dying laughing, I downloaded these pictures.... The boys look like their promoting the Victoria's Secret Train. The train stopped at the perfect time, to have that dang photo fit perfectly in the the train window. Such an innocent photo turned tasteless.

We might as well buy this train, we've all invested enough into it over the past year. I''ll tell you what though, I adore these boys together, ESPECIALLY when they play great together. And this short 5 minute train ride around the mall made them happy, and high on train life. And I got my Sees chocolate, so I'm high on life.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Enjoying Sunday dinner, and feeding anyone I can.

Cash missing his Big brothers while their away in Utah having the time of their life. Cash thinks dads briefcase is his suitcase, and he's ready to go to Utah.
Cash loving Mia.... Poor little Mia has SEVER colic!!!! I mean sever colic, so we eat up any happy moments. I seriously pray for Rach and Willie it's so hard to have a screaming baby 24/7 that you can't comfort. So please any suggestions???? Mia is on Zantac at the moment, but on the way to the Dr. in the a.m., because that doesn't do a dang thing.
A quick run to a movie ... I don't get out near enough, and this reminded me how important it is to do Date Night's faithfully.... Rach is beyond thrilled, because she's out, and she's not holding a screaming baby.

Rissa says farewell to Sweet Cakes

I just love both of these shots!

and passes her job onto Cousin, Christy. Rissa Sue spreads her wings to Provo, Utah. Man oh Man will we miss her working there, but I guess we can say goodbye to all those yummy, unwanted calories we awaited each Saturday.

Marcus and Ashley Nielsen

Nielsen Parents and Bagley Parents with Bride and Groom,
and Cousin, Hiedi and Van Hemeyer

Uncle Robert and Laura. Aunt Melody, and cousin Bridgette and Cory

Cousin, Andrew and Reachel Bagley. Cousin, Jason and Jill Bagley

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Nielsen and Andrew Bagley
Cousin Jarom and Kara. Sarah and Mark, which BTW, Sarah took amazing photos also at the wedding. Sarah is awesome with her camera.

Bridgette and Cory and Stephanie and Christian

Darling Ruby, with Mother Jill and Jason

So sad I missed out on this joyous event of my darling cousin getting married, but my mom is a jewel and took so many photos. So all you other cousins, if you haven't already seen the photos my mom put up, well here's a slight glimpse into Ashley and Marcus's fairytale. Aunt Elaine sewed three dresses for Ashley! Yes three. Elain, you are something else. It all looked so dreamy. Wish I was there to photograph everyone.. Mom, no photo of you?? And I need a couple shot of Rich and Becky and Mrs. Leisal, and everyone else. Gee.. don't you just LOVE weddings? I sure do. Everyone looked so happy and so elegant.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Little Miss. Ashley Bagley, but soon to be, Mrs. Nielson's.
Bridal Shower.

Wonderful gathering Becky, Liesal, Kara, Reachel and anyone else that helped! Of course all of the food and work that went into making this special day for Ashley, was perfect.

I tend to brag about how wonderful my cousins and cousins wives are. Love and adore them.

We love you Ashley, and are thrilled your marrying such a stellar guy, with such an amazing family, that's always a HUGE plus!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sunday Family Downtime

No, no..... Cash. Never heard that line before.

Sleeping Beauty= Happy Mother

Soup boys

Cash an official swimmmer, Yippee!! And...

Baby Mia, of nine weeks enjoyed her first swim, and boy was she in heaven.

Happy weekend.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

That's right Folks....

My buddy/cousin is here!! Mr. Myles Waite.
We may tease one another until everyone wants to pull there hair out, but we have a love/hate relationship. Give us time, will work things out.

I'm absolutely ecstatic!! Not only did I get my bosom buddy/cousin Aryn Sampson living back in AZ, now I have my absolute wonderful sister, and her little darling family living here also. Could life get any better!

Saturday is a special day it's the day we get ready for Sunday.
Hold still, I'm almost done...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Love it Mrs Kim

Fun pulling up old photos and comparing your new shade to your old shade. How fun to live wild. You look so pretty. Hope Aaron approved...

Cousin, family Bonding

Aryn, James, Me, Rach and Mr. Myles

Rissa, James, baby Mia, Candice, and Mr. Cash

Mama, James, Candice and Mr. Luke, and Miss Rissa in the background

My sister and my cousin James were in town, it was so wonderful to visit with them with the short time we had. Candice was working on a segment about the border and Mr. James was looking into buying property. Love you guys! And were so proud of how hard the two of you work...