Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Little Miss. Ashley Bagley, but soon to be, Mrs. Nielson's.
Bridal Shower.

Wonderful gathering Becky, Liesal, Kara, Reachel and anyone else that helped! Of course all of the food and work that went into making this special day for Ashley, was perfect.

I tend to brag about how wonderful my cousins and cousins wives are. Love and adore them.

We love you Ashley, and are thrilled your marrying such a stellar guy, with such an amazing family, that's always a HUGE plus!


seven smiles said...

Congrats, Ashley!
(and, Fillmore girls would have come...)


Anne said...

Hey, now that mom is gone and she always forgot to tell us anyway, we need to get one of us on the mailing list or we will never know of anything again. Cute pics.

Sarah said...

great to finally meet you at the shower. beautiful photos!

ashley in wonderland said...

hey! i went to that wedding too! it was wonderful.