Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Nielsen and Andrew Bagley
Cousin Jarom and Kara. Sarah and Mark, which BTW, Sarah took amazing photos also at the wedding. Sarah is awesome with her camera.

Bridgette and Cory and Stephanie and Christian

Darling Ruby, with Mother Jill and Jason

So sad I missed out on this joyous event of my darling cousin getting married, but my mom is a jewel and took so many photos. So all you other cousins, if you haven't already seen the photos my mom put up, well here's a slight glimpse into Ashley and Marcus's fairytale. Aunt Elaine sewed three dresses for Ashley! Yes three. Elain, you are something else. It all looked so dreamy. Wish I was there to photograph everyone.. Mom, no photo of you?? And I need a couple shot of Rich and Becky and Mrs. Leisal, and everyone else. Gee.. don't you just LOVE weddings? I sure do. Everyone looked so happy and so elegant.


Diane said...

why San Diego?!

Sarah said...

Your mom was so awesome about getting everyone's picture outside the temple. It was great to meet her. Would've been fun to have you there too.

Mandy said...

Shut up!! I just saw some similar pics of this wedding on Nienie's blog. You could've met her or already have--I'm a nienie fan. Pretty pictures.

ashley in wonderland said...

Diane, because its tooooo hot in Arizona in July.