Tuesday, July 27, 2010

VS Train

Mom, I'm dying laughing, I downloaded these pictures.... The boys look like their promoting the Victoria's Secret Train. The train stopped at the perfect time, to have that dang photo fit perfectly in the the train window. Such an innocent photo turned tasteless.

We might as well buy this train, we've all invested enough into it over the past year. I''ll tell you what though, I adore these boys together, ESPECIALLY when they play great together. And this short 5 minute train ride around the mall made them happy, and high on train life. And I got my Sees chocolate, so I'm high on life.


Melanie said...

So fun! You will have to call us next time you are getting together....we wanna play too! I am so glad they are starting to get along. Ps...are you doing am or pm montessori?

Emily Widdison said...

Tell Rach to try prevacid on that baby...much stronger than the other stuff from what my doc told me. luke wasn't colic but he has lots of acid reflux and that saved us. He also lived in his swing...but ONLY the kind that goes side to side NOT back and forth...most baby's don't like that direction until they are older

Lisa Harris said...

Glad to see those two playing nicely. I love that they are so close in age. Cash finally got his own twin.