Sunday, August 29, 2010

Part 1 of 50 million collages of our Ventura, Santa Barbara stay

What would we do without the Fillmore Beach cottage
The love of Faria Beach
my selfless parents that provided us with this wonderful trip
My kids favorite spot on earth
Wish Cash didn't have to be so sick with Herpes in the mouth,(Not sexual) but he still had so much fun
to be with family
Patrick to be there for the first time in our marriage, crazy!
Jenny leaving the Camden place immaculate
The drive over, not crazy about
Cutting Noah out of his seat belt,UGH!!!
Willie and Rach car break down
Seeing Adam Ray and his darling girlfriend Megan and enjoying sushi
Didn't get burned, but didn't get an ounce of tan
My obsession with my camera and the beach
Donuts every single day, no joke
Could of ripped out Cash and those insanely powerful screaming lungs
Myles and his dancing
Marcus and Clara visit
Donna visits and is Santa Claus
Yummy meals everyone made on their night
My skin feeling so soft from the humidity
Church at a small, small ward
just sitting on the beach and remembering all of the memories with cousins over the years
Beach front property
Cash having a train to watch every couple of hours
People watching
Robot museum
I could go on and on.......

Really Mom and Dad thank you so much!!!!

pages of photos... Sorry, trying to make my photo book


the waites said...

oh nanny poo what would we do with out you! Thanks for documenting EVERY moment. I need to get a CD from you. Thanks for all the help with my kid(s)-crazy i can say that... geez 2 kids is hard. Just picturing me in Yogurtland with Mia in the Bijorn and Myles freaking out gives me anxiety.

love you so much sister of mine see you tomorrow Im sure:)

Sidney said...

Thanks for being the photographer-great pictures

Mandy said...

That looks like SO much fun! I was born in Santa Barbara, but haven't been there since I was 3. I DEFINITELY want to go even more than before. I'm glad your parents brought ya'll here. What fun memories, and man ya'll are all so gorgeous!!

Aimee's Family Journal said...

I am so glad that Cash doesnt have the sexual kind of herpes. One might think that you let him uswe public toilets...? ;) I loved seing the pictures of Candace getting tossed. that was funny! thanks for sharing.