Monday, September 6, 2010

Still 3 and wonderful

He's all about the backpacks.
This boy sits and does his "homework," so diligently. It makes us laugh so hard. Who would of known Mrs. Janelle's Montessori school had so much homework..

The other night I came across a blog where a mother had lost her only child/daughter to a drowning accident, of course I bawled my eyes out! Her post was so tender and it hit me so hard. She talked about how someone asked her months after the accident what she would of done differently before her little girl had left this earth? She replied, "I wish I would of done a better job at documenting her sweet life." It couldn't of stung me more. I want to try and do this with each kid, so much more, even if it's something so small and sweet. We all know life can be altered at any moment, so why not enjoy every little everything that much more.


seven smiles said...

so sad. i read that too and it's great advice. cute kiddo!

aryn said...

love it. that last shot is edible.

Mandy said...

Oh my goodness, so sad. Done. I will follow your example and do that. SO sad to imagine. "Find joy in the journey," right? :)