Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Raingutter Regatta

Great Scout Leaders indeed.

Brother Udall and Sister Bunker, you guys are terrific!

Raingutter Regatta


And a complete disaster of a beautiful cake!! Ugh....

So hilarious... Typical dinner with some great elders, ending a yummy dinner with what I thought would be a delicious coconut cake. Turns out I made that poor cake drunk with butter rum... What a waste.

Bekah my dear, I will try my hardest to master this cake once again as did you.


Yummy dip
Incredible singing,(Lady Becky)
Bright colors

Fabulous times to remember....

Awesome 80's New Years Eve Bash!

The Bagley clan is unstoppable, so rad...

Thanks Becky and Rich...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Amazing Home!!!!

Thanks Christina for posting this.......

My jaw was dropped looking at every photo.

Take a look people!

Alice Lane come to AZ please...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mexican/Soda Pop Christmas Eve

Mom, even though the homemade tamales got steamed a little to much while out carolling, the night was still perfection!

I'll always crave Christmas Eve's Mexican dinner night.

The fun sodas I got at World Market were tasty....Thanks Lady Hollis...

Soaking in Az Christmas weather

Christmas and

being a parent on Christmas

is the absolute greatest!!!

What Joy it is to see the kids receive gifts and give gifts that they've bought to one another.

Always so spoiled and so loved from family...
We love you Hall and Madsen Family!

Bumble Bee

Who would've of thought that a yo yo could bring such enjoyment for the young and for adults. The twins have had so much fun with this gift this year from their Aunt Shaley and Uncle Roman.
I also never new about the hidden talent that their Uncle Willie had for the Bumble Bee until this Christmas!

Christmas Eve Traditions

Everyone enjoys Christmas Eve carolling

We've gotten a little better over the years with our vocals, but there's always room for improvement. Patrick's our head guitarist, Lincoln's our harmonica man, and were the back up singers.
How much better can Christmas get, everyone is feeling the spirit, and if your not, you fake it.......

We upgraded to Beck's trailer this year, to much family, we couldn't fit everyone in the back of Dad's truck like we have in previous years..

The best is seeing all of the new and old neighbors over the years.