Sunday, March 20, 2011

Highlights of Spring Break

Cash loves baby Lucy so much. He also loves to sing to her Micheal Jackson song, Just beat it. Such a soft song for a newborn

Love you Sarah! Great night out with these fabulous laddies to celebrate the arrival of baby VanSteenkiste

Roman and Cash enjoying the lovely sun,
and some yummy grub with the fam to end the day.

Lucy is a ray of sunshine, as are these little cousins.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pine day trip

Man oh man does this little boy love kitchens. Paul you make one incredible tree house!

We all love driving into Pine when the creek is running with water.
Noah brought his buddy sterling along, they had a blast for about five hours, until we found out the pipes burst!

Poor Lincoln has been sick for about a week, so he mostly sat and delegated everyone.

I loved there little cave they made. Boys and there skills in the outdoors is great!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A ferry ended up stranded atop a building in Otsuchi, Japan

How often do we watch movies with far fetch, end of the world plots. I've been watching the coverage of the earthquake in Japan wishing this was one of those movies, not reality, So sad......

I'd have to say this past week didn't start off to awesome!

1. Of course the horrible earthquake/tsunami
2. loss of a special lady
3. Found out we didn't get to go to Utah for Spring Break last minute
4. Kids unbelievably sad
5. Flood in my entryway on the wood floors
6. Ripped up floors, walls, and cement dust through out the house from the jack hammer.
7. Trying to be a semi-fun mom I headed up to the Cabin. Turn on the water the pipes burst!, flooding everywhere, we head home, happy kiddos.

Huge bummer, so bugged, but I wouldn't trade my special moments for a second for what's happening across the other side of the world.

I'm blessed!
Happy Spring Break for my little family here in Mesa AZ, safe and sound in a dirty house.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

City Slickers in Lehi

being a cowboy/cowgirl for a moment is awesome.
Thanks Greg for always being there at the right time to lift my children up.

Lehi Days this year was a little to crowded for my taste, but my older boys love it.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy 4th Cash

We love you and your trains Mr. Hall

Ragnar 2011

Running a Ragnar shows me how many amazing people are out there.

I love running into friends or family that are running a Ragnar for their first time and see how excited they are.

Young, or Old were all running to push ourselves that much more.

Such a treat to be able to run with my sister,(Daddy long legs).

Everyone is so incredibly kind and supportive during these races, it's awesome! That's why I'm suckered back in year after year.

These special laddies I've bonded with over the years have taught me so many valuable things.

If you love people,(Which I do!) I encourage you to get out there next year......

It's absolutely exhausting, and I say every year I probably wont run it, and then I find myself back on that dark road running... But every time I finish a Ragnar I'll have to say I do feel a since of accomplishment.