Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ragnar 2011

Running a Ragnar shows me how many amazing people are out there.

I love running into friends or family that are running a Ragnar for their first time and see how excited they are.

Young, or Old were all running to push ourselves that much more.

Such a treat to be able to run with my sister,(Daddy long legs).

Everyone is so incredibly kind and supportive during these races, it's awesome! That's why I'm suckered back in year after year.

These special laddies I've bonded with over the years have taught me so many valuable things.

If you love people,(Which I do!) I encourage you to get out there next year......

It's absolutely exhausting, and I say every year I probably wont run it, and then I find myself back on that dark road running... But every time I finish a Ragnar I'll have to say I do feel a since of accomplishment.


Anne said...

I get it. You have to be gorgeous to be on your team. I think you should name yourselves, team beautiful. And can I just say once more, rachel you look awesome. (you all do.) Looks like fun

Shay and Roman said...

So fun, i want to do a ragnar at some point! We can't wait to see you guys next week!