Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pine day trip

Man oh man does this little boy love kitchens. Paul you make one incredible tree house!

We all love driving into Pine when the creek is running with water.
Noah brought his buddy sterling along, they had a blast for about five hours, until we found out the pipes burst!

Poor Lincoln has been sick for about a week, so he mostly sat and delegated everyone.

I loved there little cave they made. Boys and there skills in the outdoors is great!


Anne said...

What a cool cave. I am seriously impressed. And water in the creek makes the trip so much better.

the waites said...

Seriously I thought the same thing water in the creek was like CHristmas:)

I want that kitchen...was that Ikea?

Sidney said...

water however in the cabin is another matter. I'm so sad your trip was cut short. Nice you got a couple of pictures of roman Shaley and Lucy. I didn't snap one while they were here.