Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fusion Back Surgery

Patty cakes, ( Patrick) is recovering after his 5 hour back Fusion surgery on Tuesday. Pretty intense recovery. Great Surgeons, and love Arizona Orthopedic Surgical Hospital if you ever need to know of a great surgery facility. I Couldn't make him laugh today, ( I guess I'm not that funny.) He's so anxious to leave the hospital. Poor 90 year old Patrick..... Optimistic this time, that this Back surgery will give him a new jump start on life again. All you men out there with healthy, strong bodies, don't ever take it for granted.

Sitting in a hospital for long periods of time really get's my mind going.. I've actually enjoyed sitting and learning this week about all the things that go on in a hospital. You'd think I know a little bit with past injuries from the Hall family's track record, but back surgery, it's a whole new field. Always something new to learn, always.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Roman and Lucy

April, Bryce and Grandma Madsen


Madsen Clan at Colleen and Darcy's house in St. George
Paradise Resort for three days.
Thanks a million Colleen and Darcy!
Mr. and Mrs. kelsey

And little Grace

Little stops along the way

Two hour hike in Snow Canyon was an awesome part of my trip! My Uncle Darcy is always up for some adventure so he took us out his back door to this beautiful state park. Sure proud of my boys and Dad for really doing great and having positive attitudes along the way. Sad I don't have Candice and Darcy in this shot.

Enjoying my Moment

of trying to capture a photo.
Didn't quite happen, and probably never will.
Boys will be boys.
I love them, wouldn't trade them.

Easter family time

St. George was an absolute treat!! My boys never had a dull moment, they could hardly contain their excitement. I couldn't of asked for a better getaway.

St. George Easter

A good