Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fusion Back Surgery

Patty cakes, ( Patrick) is recovering after his 5 hour back Fusion surgery on Tuesday. Pretty intense recovery. Great Surgeons, and love Arizona Orthopedic Surgical Hospital if you ever need to know of a great surgery facility. I Couldn't make him laugh today, ( I guess I'm not that funny.) He's so anxious to leave the hospital. Poor 90 year old Patrick..... Optimistic this time, that this Back surgery will give him a new jump start on life again. All you men out there with healthy, strong bodies, don't ever take it for granted.

Sitting in a hospital for long periods of time really get's my mind going.. I've actually enjoyed sitting and learning this week about all the things that go on in a hospital. You'd think I know a little bit with past injuries from the Hall family's track record, but back surgery, it's a whole new field. Always something new to learn, always.


aryn said...

we love our dear Hall family and will be praying for a speedy recovery and a new and improved back.

much love to all of you.

Lisa Harris said...

Poor Patrick! You are a trooper Nat. So are the boys. All that back n forth and what's to come with the recovery will provide lots of life lessons. I know that you are the perfect positive person that can take on this challenge. Love you guys.

Tricia said...

Holy cow Natalie!! 5 hours?

We hope this one will work too - and give him a fresh start.

You are a wonderful wife and mommy. Your boys are super lucky to have you!

Best of luck and lots of healing wishes to Patrick.

Aimee's Family Journal said...

Hope he is back on his feet soon! What a big upset to have Dad in bed! I hope you are able to hang in there with that amazing cheerful smile!

The McGraths said...

Wow! I hope you are all doing well and that Patrick's recovery will be swift!