Saturday, August 13, 2011

Five for Finn

Finn turned five and had a wonderful little birthday gathering at my Aunt Janelle's house, (Finn's grandma). My Aunt amazes me with her patience for kids. The kids got to play Montessori school, they absolutely loved it!

We sure are going to miss the little Spilsbury family!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Long ago…… Catch up time

Rachel sent me home with these lovely cupcakes the night before my big 32

My family spoiled me for lunch. Of course my eyes are shut.

I must document my birthday that happened back in January...... I't was a special day. I felt so loved. So many people made it the greatest.


Elder Larson returned!

Rissa, Mom and I got to see him at the airport. Always a treat to see a returned missionary. he's a special boy.

We couldn't get enough of baby Tess V. (Cash just loved her to pieces). So sad for the circumstances of why we got to watch her for a couple of days ( Poor older sister Sydney broke her leg severely). She is just a beautiful babe! Will steal her anytime.....

The year of a two 5th Graders

First week of school went great! I wish every week had that special enthusiasm.

Their sweet Auntie Rach always brings them something special the day before school starts. This year matching shirts, so darn nice! And Grandma takes them to a yummy lunch. Life is pretty rough.

Best of luck my righteous men. Keep those heads held high, and always be an example to others.

This Little Man

Still loves trains, his brothers,
family dinner time,
the ukulele
and his quiet time down stairs.
Were excited for Montessori. Love you Cash! Never a dull moment.

Old iphone download

Outings over the year with friends and family.

First day of school outing

with grandma....... Fun tradition.

6 beautiful Pine days

This was one of the best trips for me, to Pine. We were all by ourselves for a couple of days.(Big deal for me). The weather was so nice, and I love for my boys to be out in the mountains. Were quite fortunate to have somewhere to escape in these summer months.

Summer Theatre 2011

They still enjoy musical theatre at ten. They really enjoy the cousins that take part in it, basically that's what makes them come back year after year. Will see how many more years they go....